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Sep. 12th, 2015

Behold, my poupee! Leave me a message here if you'd like a poupee invite to share your wardrobe with the world. (That way we BOTH get a free item for our poupees!)

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Sex before coffee is not the natural order of things.

Otakon: Pros and Cons

Back from Baltimore and back to work, let's sum up the trip shall we?


1. Hanging out with life_of_eden for the entire weekend and talking about nothing but our cats for an entire hour

2. Arctic-cold hotel restaurants that are deserted and really not that expensive

3. Picking up an icecream cone-shaped timer for my kitchen and a darling kitty-themed catch-all tray in the dealer's room

4. The screener of Bunraku. Who knew Woody Harrelson and Gackt were like peanut butter and chocolate? Or that Gackt could actually look his age? Awesome movie, everyone needs to see the theatrical release! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVabHVw4dMc

5. The Chemistry concert had backup dancers with very tight pants.

6. Trigun: Badlands Rumble kicked ass.

7. Wearing heels the entire time being the fabulous bitches we are

8. Seeing more and more people dressing normally. Maybe we started a trend.


1. The line for Trigun was insane, Eden and I were sandwiched between some retards that were debating which roman language would take over the world and two pimply-faced teenagers that couldn't stop making out.

2. Ice cold water. One dollar.

3. Marco polo. Nothing else screams this is a desperate cry for self-assurance that I am not alone quite like a desperate cry for self-assurance that you are not alone.

4. Kamina nipples of the non-animated variety.

5. One-hundred and five degree weekend

6. Panels, showings, and events never starting on time.

7. Sailor Bubba's new Misty costume.

8. The drive back to Columbus.

Overall we had a blast and came back with some great con stories!


A little R & R...

When you work in retail management you get three weeks of paid vacation that you can never take. Management has too much turnover to plan a vacation since once you have your days set and flight booked your store is understaffed and you're not going anywhere. There is also PTO blackout between Thanksgiving and January and other times throughout the year. What this means is that PTO is taken in small doses, a day or two throughout the year here and there. Not as effective as a full week or two off, but I gotta take what I can get.

The point of this post is that I got away for a weekend and now I feel refreshed. I posted pics from this weekend on my blog! http://anachronisticstyle.blogspot.com/ I pretty much spent all weekend in my swimsuit either on a pool, on a boat, or on my back.

Very productive weekend indeed.


What writing journal?

I decided that since I am no longer posting writing on this journal that I should go ahead and post the life stuff here. Seems like everybody has been coming out of the woodwork lately that I haven't seen or heard from in years. I guess you could say it kinda inspired me to post, to say that I am still alive and checking LJ daily.

UPDATE - My life has been reduced to reheating my coffee in fifteen-second intervals. Stacey and I are ships passing in the night. I work too much, obviously. Mommy I don't want to be the boss anymore. /update

The best place to actually hear from me is my style blog - http://anachronisticstyle.blogspot.com/
I update there several times a week to feed/share my vintage obsession. I love the new e-mail notification feature, I get all my blog updates in my mailbox so I don't have to visit 12+ blogs a day!

Disjointed post is disjointed.


Graduate School

I have received my official acceptance today from the University of Hawaii. I will be attending graduate study at the Manoa campus and pursue my Ph.D in Social and Personality Psychology with Dr. Elaine Hatfield (http://www.elainehatfield.com/).

I will be leaving Ohio, my friends, my lover, and my family to work towards the next chapter of my life. I will be packing two suitcases and hopping a plane with my bunny rabbit in tow to move across the country and a span of ocean for several years.

My only response to all this is "Fuck."

Sword of the Stranger Showing!

So one of my all-time favorite animated films will be showing in 300 cities in America this Thursday, February 5th at 7:30PM--Sword of the Stranger. This movie is top-notch as far as plot, visuals, action, backgrounds, music, and characters are concerned and has been emmy-nominated this year. Check theatre locations and showtimes at:


Join me this Thursday night to experience the awe and intensity that is Sword of the Stranger. To me the movie is on the same plane as Howl's Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke as far as epic scope and grandeur, so please enjoy this moving film!

Dollfie Sale Post

Hey guys, it has been almost six months since I last posted on this journal. I've been writing on and off but most of my energy was consumed by 1) graduating 2) applying to graduate school and 3) working two jobs. I've graduated now, got my grad apps in (Hawaii, Cornell, and Indiana *crosses fingers*) and have quit one job so now I only have one. I'm easing back into writing every day again but I am nowhere near having enough to start posting, I'm working on a serialization right now so I keep starting stories but never finishing the ones I've started.

I've also decided to get out of the BJD hobby because I'm moving to Hawaii and I've had Asuka for...five years now? And I've done three photo shoots, many of which haven't seen the light of day let alone any BJD community, and he's been sitting on a shelf untouched for over a year now. I really can't justify the luggage room he would take up or the shipping costs for when I move. I have to face that my ship has passed and the only thing left for me is to try and get back as much of the $2,000 I've spent so far on this luxury hobby. So I'm selling my doll, my doll clothes, my doll accessories, everything.

BJD/Resin Sale, Mostly Volks SD13 Boy StuffCollapse )

Well, that's all the doll stuff I own! If you guys know of anywhere else I can post sales let me know. ^_^


So, leaving tomorrow morning for Otakon. I will be with a group of six--two girls and four guys. We will probably be one of the very few groups of people walking around looking normal. Eden and I are distinguishable by our shoes. If anyone wants to meet up and kick the can for a bit private message me and I'll give contact info. Cheers!


Thank you to everyone that wishes me well on my birthday and about my last post. Enjoy this meme, I was tagged.

Fanfiction and Writing MemeCollapse )

I tag tanuuki-dono, sorceres_delial, _mylia, and Raven. I'm too lazy to format these correctly.


Sapid Flesh 17

I've been holding to this chapter for so long out of...well, fear. I kid myself into thinking I'm just too busy, I have too much reading for school, I'm working too much, I spend too much time with my fiancee, or any other excuse for procrastinating on what is really important to me; but when I am true to myself I haven't posted this chapter in seven weeks because I am scared. I have also been emotionally sensitive recently, but I'm hoping I'm on the upswing for the rest of this winter. So have the second to last chapter of Sapid Flesh while I piece my life together bit by bit.

Sapid Flesh Chapter 17: You can’t quit until you try /You can’t live until you die /You can’t learn to tell the truth /Until you learn to lie /You can’t breathe until you choke /You gotta laugh when you’re the joke /There’s nothing like a funeral to make you feel alive /Just open your eyes /Just open your eyes /And see that life is beautiful. /Will you swear on your life, /That no one will cry at my funeral? /I know some things that you don’t /I’ve done things that you won’t /There’s nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back homeCollapse )

I already completed the first story of my new serializations, which should be posted between SF and my next book in monthly intervals. The first story is called "The Beginning of Pandemonium" and the one I'm working on now is "Good Touch, Bad Touch." Look forward to them!

Sapid Flesh 16

I'M BACK~! After finishing the worst quarter of my life I had to take a few weeks for some therapuetic Tomb Raidering and finishing up my Freeman-Asia service project for my Japan scholarship. Its Christmas Eve and I'm finally free to post. Last night Stacey and I went to the Columbus Zoo's wildlights show to celebrate our fourth anniversary, and I am now the proud owner of the most beautiful Vera Wang engagement ring EVER! Expect pics and a blow-by-blow of the night on my personal journal after Christmas. #^_^#

Thanks to mylia_ for all her hard beta work. After this there are only two more chapters of Sapid Flesh, so I hope to get them done before school starts January 3rd. I've also started on a new serialization I'm going to be working on and I'll be starting my new book before the end of January.

Sapid Flesh 16: My hands are searching for you/ My arms are outstretched towards you/ I feel you on my fingertips/ My tongue dances behind my lips for you/ This fire rising through my being/ Burning I'm not used to seeing you...Collapse )

Next chapter next Monday. >.>;

Sapid Flesh 15

Two days late but you guys will forgive me after this chapter. ^_~

Sapid Flesh 15: Blood, Happiness, and Fluids Abound!Collapse )

How to write a yaoi sex scene

One of my readers asked for any pointers I could give regarding writing a homosexual love scene. I typed her a long e-mail, but considering that many of you on embarking on your own adventures with NaNoWriMo I thought I should post my reply here as well. I am in no way an expert in this area, but I do have more experience than some so here is my advice and resources:

Ah, writing the yaoi love scene...Collapse )

Oh yeah, and chapter 15 of Sapid Flesh TOMORROW in which many of these tips are utlized. *grin*

sorceres_delial? I'm dying for the new season of Dexter, would you happen to have .avi files? *beg*

Sapid Flesh 14

Sorry I skipped a week in posting, I've started working on some new writing projects that have kept me busy lately. One last call for anime posters and things that I have to sell before they go on eBay--fandoms include X/1999, Tokyo Babylon, XXXholic, Angel Sanctuary, Yami no Matsuei, DNAngel, Host Club, Air Gear, Code Geass and more! Prices are CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!

Anime posters for sale! Code Geass and Air Gear figures!Collapse )

Now for the chapter! Thanks mylia_ for the beta job!

Sapid Flesh 14: We are getting closer and closer to the end...Collapse )

The next chapter should make everyone VERY happy. ^_^ b
No post today guys, sorry. I'm working on the chapter still. Instead enjoy some Light Yagami Facts, because fandom needs to have its own God. Feel free to repost EVERYWHERE. ^_^ b Also, feel free to add your own!

Leading hand sanitizers claim they can kill 99.9 percent of germs. Light Yagami can kill 100 percent of whatever the fuck he wants.Collapse )

Sapid Flesh 13

I took the weekend to clean up and the apartment is finally looking better. I feel like I can breathe. I'm still trying to get rid of stuff, and clothes has been the biggest obstacle, of course. The only problem is the bf tends to do his own thing instead of what I ask. Ex--I ask him to move the television and stand downstairs and put it in this corner. He puts it in the opposite corner NEXT TO MY COMPUTER. I come home and see what he has done, and I ask him why. He likes it better there. I point out that I do not like it next to my computer (I've hit my knee/stubbed my toe on it 3 times just tonight...) and that the outlet for the television is in the corner I told him originally. His solution is to run an extension cord, but that does not change my bruised shin problem (I hit it everytime I swivel my chair). So...yeah. Now I'm going to have to move the haulking thing myself...so troublesome.

Enough RL stuff, have the next chapter as editted by the lovely mylia_.

Sapid Flesh Chapter 13: And the first sex scene of the book goes to...Collapse )

Why yes, I do know that I'm evil. Thanks for asking.

Sapid Flesh 12

No omake, no extra commentary. This post is short and sweet, just like this chapter. ^_^

Sapid Flesh: Shorter but now more fortified with medical mumbo-jumbo!Collapse )

Thanks mylia_ for the beta job!

Sapid Flesh 11

I start school on Wednesday. That is all I have to say on that matter.

So! My boyfriend brought his first box over to the apartment and 'lo and behold!--we have no room. I have to be more intensive about getting rid of stuff to make room for his. So below the cut is CALLIN'S-BOYFRIEND-IS-MOVING-IN!SALE in which you will find a wide selection of anime posters (X/TB, Yami, Loveless, Angel Sanctuary, and many more!), manga, DVDs, Shojo Beat magazine, and random too-cool stuff. The best part is that I really need to get rid of this stuff so I'm selling it all DIRT CHEAP--chances are good shipping will be more than the actual item itself, and shipping is cheap. ^_^ I am also willing to ship internationally. mylia_ gets anything she wants for free since she is my beta, so just let me know what catches your eye. molokomolotov, I've been holding onto your Good Omens book in case there was anything else you wanted so you can combine shipping costs. Also, I will probably stuff your purchases with lots of love, hand-written notes, and other girly things that are pleasing. I will also haggle on multiple items.


Right, I will calculate shipping costs depending upon the items and give you a total, I'm also extremely flexible about payment.

Now onto the chapter, which is what everyone really cares about, or maybe I am just deluding myself.
Sapid Flesh Chapter 11: Meetings happen, action abounds!Collapse )


Sapid Flesh 10

I'm trying to get back on the Monday posting schedule...if 3:00 am on Tuesday counts as Monday. ^_^ It has been a night of epiphanies regarding myself and my bf's future, but everything is looking up for the both of us. We also went today and looked at rings...really pretty Vera Wang ones. ^_____^ Also, school starts next week, I'm not sure how I feel about this.

So, Omake is Shou's character soundtrack, which has probably some of the most upbeat-without-being-annoying Japanese and American music ever collected. He is a VERY happy person who is not afraid to rock out to BACK-ON one second then jump around singing like a girl along with BENNIE K the next. Very comfortable with his masculinity, that one.

Music download and interview belowCollapse )

Now for the chapter. Thanks to mylia_ for the beta work. Your reward one day will be great...

Sapid Flesh Chapter 10: A lot of plot happens, but most notably Matthias has a brush with the enemy ^.^ bCollapse )